earth mystic

retreat in bali

I teach a musical, fluid vinyasa flow. I encourage my yogis to explore consciousness and experience awareness through the energetic cues of the subtle body. My classes are an experience into yourself to notice the dynamic scintillation, to feel the deep driving emotion, and to integrate the two with the body and mind. It's a practice of gratitude for self, balancing acceptance with non-attachment, and finding peace and beauty in all things through movement.

My practice is super playful and explorative, and I look to expand the barriers of thought and physicality through utilization of the energetic breath and sentient body mindfulness. It is my heart's intention for my practice to influence my instruction—creating a challenging yet fun class for my students. — head honcho
Bohemian Studios — co-owner, studio director, yoga/barre instructor
SOL yoga — yoga instructor
The Craft — mentor, yoga instructor
Lululemon Athletica — Men's League (2016-present)

eric's Schedule

[ Monday Double ]

*5pm Barre Bohemian (60 minutes)

6:30pm Spirit Flow (75 minutes)
@ Bohemian Studios (phinney ridge)

[ Tuesdays ]

6:00am Barre Bohemian (60 minutes)
@  Bohemian Studios (West Seattle) 

6:30pm Slow Flow (75 minutes)
@ SOL yoga (Leschi)

[ Wednesdays Double ]

*4:30pm & 6:00pm Barre Bohemian (60 minutes)
@  Bohemian Studios (West Seattle)

[ Thursdays ]

6:00am Barre Bohemian (60 minutes)
@  Bohemian Studios (West Seattle) 

6:30pm Slow Flow (75 minutes)
@ SOL yoga (Leschi)

[ Friday Double ]

8:30am Barre Bohemian (60 minutes)
@  Bohemian Studios (West Seattle) 

9:45am Barre Bohemian (60 minutes)
@  Bohemian Studios (West Seattle)

[ Sundays ]

11:30am Spirit Flow (75 minutes) 
Bohemian Studios (phinney ridge)


UPEND: an inversion workshop — September 9, 1-3pm
METAMORPHOSIS: advanced transitions — Nov 11, 1-3pm
@ Bohemian Studios (phinney ridge)

YOGA Training

The Craft of Teaching Yoga
w/ Adrienne Kimberley
Seattle, WA
January 29–April 30, 2017

The Craft of Teaching Yoga, Rome
w/ Adrienne Kimberley

Zem Yoga Studio, Rome, Italy
September 11–October 13, 2017


Earth Mystic w/ Adrienne Kimberley
Ubud, Bali
January 6-12, 2018