Design Package: $1,500

Photography: $500

  • Includes:
    • one 2-hour photoshoot
    • hundreds of professionally edited photos
      • headshots of instructors
      • images of instructors in shapes
      • images of a class in session
      • useful material for marketing, social media, workshops, parties, retreats, trainings, teacher highlights, featured community, dedicated students, and any other event you can think of
  • You will have full rights to the images (I just ask that I can use them to promote my photography/design biz)

Web Design: $1000


  • a photo-driven experience
  • utilizing the current pages, design a different user interface to create Qi flow 
  • 7 web pages (listed below)
  • link instagram account
  • integrate newsletter offering to each page
  • Suggested Web Pages:
    • Splash | About | Classes and Workshops | Pricing
      • 1) Splash/Home page
      • About
        • 2) SOL's Mission
        • 3) Our Teachers
        • 4) Contact
      • 5) MINDBODY
        • Classes schedule
        • Workshop schedule
      • Pricing and Classes
        • 6) Price list
        • 7) Class descriptions



The following programs will be used to keep us working together seamlessly:

  • your proposal
  • Smartsheet: to-do/collaboration list
  • Hightail: comment on design files
  • Skitch: expedient way to comment on screen shots
  • your personal online photo gallery
  • a money transferring site, no cost to you. Use user handle when transferring money:$erabena

The cost

Payable in three installments:

First third of $500 starts the work; second third of $500 due at the photoshoot; final third of $500 due upon delivery of website. Easy-peezy.

Time frame: 1 month

I can start this design project by April and have it done by within a month of the photoshoot.

Thanks Allison, for your time and your life energy.

Big squeeze!

(updated 3.18.2017)