Noble Neon

Design Package: $3,500


Design Package: $3,500 includes the following services:

  • Idea development
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Marketing materials and social media content
  • 2-hour website magic workshop
  • Includes up to 20 contact working hours


Design Package: $3,500

Idea Development: Complimentary

A consult to organize your ideas, create a plan together, and to bring your ideas to fruition

  • Complimentary with purchase of brand package
  • Finding your voice and organizing your ideas and talents into digestible portions
  • We will use this organization of ideas on your website as menu buttons and sub-menu buttons (rough draft below)

Copy editing: $500

Help organize copy on each page for a consistent voice, cohesive message, and ensure content fits with graphics and is aesthetically presentable.

  • Will copy edit each web page entirely
  • Will copy edit up to 10 articles/blogs

Photography: complimentary

  • a $1200 value, complimentary with purchase of design package
  • Two 3-hour photoshoots where we will capture the essence that is Noble Neon and the personality of your art
  • You will receive hundreds of professionally edited photos to work with
  • You will have full rights to the images (I just ask that I can use them to promote my photography/design biz)
  • We will shoot with the end in mind—capturing material for marketing, social media, workshops, trainings, and any other event you can think of

Web Design: $3000

The meat and potatoes of your online presence. We will use your inspiration and vision to build a site that is fully functional, evolutionary, yet pliable to change. It will evoke feeling from your clients, current and potential, and make them feel at ease and want to work with you. We will:

  • Apply photography to website
  • Help with copy editing (see above)
  • Spend up to 20 contact hours working together on this project, depending on the exposure you need
  • Design layout and graphic elements for up to 10 web pages (including Splash page)
  • Design up to 10 blogs (in addition to copy editing) to get you started on the right foot
  • Initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setup
  • Suggested Web Pages:
    • Splash | About | Services | Pricing | Blog
      • Splash/Home page
        • Current Events (news, workshops, gatherings, blogs, sales)
      • About
        • Noble Neon's Mission
        • Our Designers
        • Contact
      • Services
      • Pricing
      • Blog
        • Articles
        • Photo blog
        • Resources
        • Community/Recommendations


The Process

The following programs will be used to keep us working together seamlessly:

  • this page is your personal website that will continue to evolve as our business relationship evolves. Here you will be able to find links to all the resources we share, invoices, images, and anything else pertinent to the Noble Neon brand package
  • Smartsheet: a local company based out of Bellevue that serves spreadsheets on crack. This is our running to-do/collaboration list to hold each other accountable for work needing to be done
  • your online photo album
  • Skitch: a way to communicate that draws attention to something specific really fast
  • a money transferring site, no cost to you

The cost: in three

A third of your final cost starts the work; another third due after second photoshoot; final third due upon delivery of website. Easy-peezy.

Time frame: 1 month

I can start this design project by February and have it done by early-March.

(deep breath out) Ahh... Let me do the heavy lifting on this project. It's where my magic shines. You have enough on your plate. I got this.

Thanks Cedar and Lia, for your time and your life energy. I hope to hear from you soon!

Big squeeze!