Hi, Maria,

Imagine your life, transformed. You wake up without an alarm clock—rested and inspired. The smell of essential oils heal the air. You light a leaf of sage to cleanse. Your mat beckons, and you practice uninterrupted asana followed by centered meditation. Your cup of coffee is just icing on the cake, the conditions you've set for yourself to tackle your daily work of creating, holding, and tending to the flame of facilitation. 

And now you play.

Your brain moves at a rapid rate. Your brilliant ideas of how to empower your next round of unknowing students at your next facilitation gig rush in at lightning speed. That, my friend, is your genius at work, begging you to listen.

With markers in hand and easel at the ready, you build a program that will enable and sustain people, relationships, and teams to a conscious way of being. An iteration made through connection, authenticity, and sourced through gratitude and self-power.

You are a facilitator. You are a teacher. You are a yogi.

You are your own boss.

You are a crafts-woman with an impressive facilitation arsenal who develops quality experience through inquiry and a felt-sense of self.

You are legit. You deserve to shine. You belong in this game. You are destined to lead the charge, and we will follow. 

We are happy to collaborate with you to bring your genius to life. 

Enjoy perusing your brand and design proposal, and please let us know what you think!


Eric and Adrienne


Maria mcdonald
facilitator, teacher, yogi

~branding and DESIGN PROPOSAL~
by rabena Design




Options include: complimentary brand consultation, logo design, stationary design, marketing tangibles, photography, web design
(breakdown below)

logo design: $800

  • Includes:
    • full color logo design
    • black and white logo
    • symbol to represent brand

Stationary Design: (complimentary with purchase of logo design; a $300 value)

  • Includes:
    • two business card designs
    • branded letterhead or contract
    • promotional postcard
      • note: Eric will deal with Printers; cost of printing not included

marketing tangibles: $800

  • Includes:
    • webpage, social media event, and/or blog to promote event/workshop/seminar/retreat
    • one email newsletter
    • one poster design up to 11"x14"
    • marketing flyer that mirrors poster design
    • welcome packet/brochure (for multi-day events)
      • note: Eric will deal with Printers; cost of printing not included
    • gift bag (for multi-day events)

Photography: $700

  • Includes: one 3-hour photo session, 4-hour post production
    • Final photo delivery will include: full resolution/fully edited images, access to online gallery, full rights to images
    • Photos will be geared towards and captured with the following in mind: promotional materials, web design, graphic design, and social media purposes

Web design: $5,000

  • Includes: 

    • 10 navigable pages
      • Home/Landing Page
      • Team Trainings
      • Events/Workshops/Seminars/Retreats
      • Yoga (classes, private sessions, Yin, Nidra, Restorative, Meditation)
      • 1-on-1 Coaching
      • My Approach
      • The Desire Map
      • Resources/Community/Blog
      • Contact Page
      • About Me (passions, certifications, trainings)
    • Full access to back end of website for web maintenance
    • One 2-hour workshop to show you how to navigate and manipulate the back office, as well as post blogs, and update images and layout
    • Lifetime support
    • Basic SEO setup (search engine optimization)
    • Help promote Maria's site via our social media avenues
    • Complimentary content editing for entire site (a $500 value)
    • Complimentary implementation of online schedule via Fullslate.com, Mindbody.com, or youcanbook.me (a $500 value; does not include subscription to scheduling service)
    • Newsletter popup design and implementation via privy.com
    • (note: does not include web hosting or domain hosting services)

Grand Total:

Includes complimentary Brand Consultation, Stationary Design, Content Editing, Schedule Implementation, and a 25% friends and family discount, minus Trade for Facilitation, plus tax (see invoice in email)


Payment: payable in three installments

  1. First payment of $1,688.20 begins the work

    1. Includes collecting inspirational resources, creating to-do checklist, schedule a photo session, begin web work, begin sketching logo and stationary elements

  2. Second payment of $1,688.20 is due a couple weeks after photo session

  3. Third and final payment of $1,688.20 is due after the completion and deliver of all graphic elements (as listed in design contract)

  4. Any incurred printing costs will be covered by Eric and invoiced to Maria for payment, due within one week of invoice


Your job now is to decide what is important, necessary, and affordable. We'll adjust this proposal based on your needs and budget!

Thanks, Maria. We look forward to begin working with you on introducing your genius to the world.


Eric and Adrienne!

updated August 16, 2017