Rabena Design is a full-service branding and marketing entrepreneurial duo. 

Adrienne and Eric are part-photographer, some marketer, lots of business savvy, and all creative genius. 

Rabena Design gives you real tools to market, promote, and talk about your work with pride and confidence. The pair has an uncanny knack to bring your business ideas to life with stunning photography, excellent graphic design, stunning web design, and a plan for your business to hit the ground running.

Our business is a love story of sorts.

Well, just a sliver of our love story, anyway, but not the sexy-time mushy-gushy stuff. Nah. This business is our day-to-day heartthrob—an enterprise fueled by our shared passions. This partnership is the hunker-down, balls-to-the-wall, ridiculously-inspired-by-you type of shit that makes you want to punch a puppy it's so good.

We kid about the puppy, but our creative energy is real, and really cosmic.

Here's the thing—our genius' get off on aesthetics and authenticity. Connection and interplay are crucial. Yoga, vital. And, the meat of our creative interlocution encompasses topics of self-discovery, purposeful poise, and conscious awareness. It's crazy how magnetic we are with one another. But this is the best for production, really.

What does this all mean? Well.. it means we work together seamlessly, for you. 

Do you need photography, design, marketing, entrepreneurship? We got you.

We're grateful you're reading this, and we would love to bring your dreams to fruition. The mere fact that you can imagine something in your mind's eye means that the idea has already birthed.

Queue Rabena Design stage-right to cultivate your brilliant ideas and make it into something you're proud to show. Tangible. Real. Awesome.

Shall we talk over a tasty beverage (that's how all this business started, btw—Eric asked Adrienne out to tea, and the rest is history)? Just book a consult with us below.

Talk to you soon!

Hugs and high fives,
Eric and Adrienne

p.s. we do yoga, too, locally and abroad. Wanna explore your inner self through deep philosophical and meditative yogic teachings? Click the links below to get to know our yoga-selves.


Thanks for reading about us, Rabenas.
Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting new clients.

(though, we’re known for making exceptions… email us to tell us about your project!)