3 Things Yoga Entrepreneurs Need To Thrive


You're an entrepreneur, yogi!

What an exciting time to be a Yoga Entrepreneur! You have taken a pivotal turn in your career and decided to turn your passion into a business. Very nice.

So, newly certified yoga instructor—now that you have your certification, your insurance, and your CPR training—now what?!

First, magically and simultaneously, 1) promote yourself, 2) refine your skills, 3) get teaching gigs, and 4) stay blissed out.

Easy, right? Yes. But it's a lot of work. Here's your life, in a nutshell (remember, the plate is full, but the meal is oh, so delicious).

As you are your boss, you are deeper than you have ever been in to-do lists—managing your taxes, many schedules, and streams of income. Throw in some marketing, social media community building, not to mention real-life community building, all the while studying further to refine your skills. And you need to build a website. And design a business card. And get Yelp, Google, and your Facebook business online. But where do you fit in playlisting, and creating a new sequence, or digging deep into embodying yogic philosophies so your theming lands with your students? There's time in there... somewhere.


What's more is you're probably trying to tackle this mountain of busy-ness all on your own. Rock the fuck on. It's a fun life, for sure, but a hustle, indeed. What an exciting venture you have ahead of you! And do believe that it is possible—we're living proof of such.

On your pursuit in your yogic business endeavors, here is a short list of things you must do to thrive, no matter what.

1. Book a photo shoot for pro photos. Period.
Pro photos are what's up. Think catapult with an explosive impact—that's you with an arsenal of content at the ready. Pro photos show your clients, potential employers, and studio owners (and the world for that matter) you are the business. Make sure you find a photog that knows how to work with a fitness pro (such as yourself) and understands how to cue you into your best yoga alignment while capturing your photos with grace and artistic brilliance.

2. Develop your brand. 
Your brand is your name. It is your identity. Be prepared to promote your yoga business with a professional website, business cards, flyers, posters, illustration, and marketing materials (see #3 below) that support your offering. A logo wouldn't hurt, either, nor would a great bio and a wordsmithed website. Remember, you are the business. Your brand is simply a reflection of your genius and your unique offering. Make sure you find a designer and business consultant that will collaborate with you to bring your magic to life.

3. Become a marketing savant.
Learn how to leverage Google, Yelp, SEO, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your business. Marketing your business is where having professional photos and content are queen and queen. You'll want to deliver content and promotions on your current class offerings, retreats, and workshops, in a way that speaks true to you. And you'll want to share your adventures of self-discovery, travel, and philosophies that are landing on you—it behooves you to learn the ins and outs of all the different avenues you can explore to introduce all that you are doing.

Don't know where to start? No problemo. We can help with all these things. Get in touch with us and let's collaborate to bring your genius to shine! Simply click the button below.

Source: rabenadesign.com